ARC E-liquids

Have you tried Arc liquids? You’ll want 2 of every kind!

Comin’ in hot straight from Arc located in California to the shores of the UK, we present four fantastic lines of liquids that will suit the tastes of any vaper.


First up we have Burst - A candy style premium e-liquid line inspired by popular sweets, this range includes…

Berry-Burst - A blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and Strawberry flavoured candy premium e-liquid.

Citrus-Burst - A citrus sherbet flavoured e-liquid with hints of chewy sweets.

Mango-Burst - A blend of ripe mango flavoured e-liquid.

Melon-Burst - A blend of ripe melon flavoured e-liquid.

Sher-burst - A sherbet flavoured e-liquid with a fruity mix, candy and ice cream.

Straw-Burst - A blend of ripe strawberries flavoured e-liquid.

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Secondly, we have Burst Duo - By combining two of the hottest flavours, the Burst Duo range breaks the standards of fruits in the shortfill e-liquid market. This range includes…

Apple & Watermelon
Guava & Dragonfruit
Kiwi & Strawberry
Peach & Raspberry


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Thirdly, we have something simple but Sublime – Slammin

This range is based on single fruit flavours but does not disappoint on the taste buds.

Blue - A blue raspberry flavoured shortfill e-liquid.

Green- An apple flavoured shortfill e-liquid from Slammin.

Peach - A peach flavoured shortfill e-liquid.

Red - A Strawberry flavoured shortfill e-liquid.

Pink - A watermelon flavoured shortfill e-liquid from Slammin.


…And now for something completely different, last but not least we have - Lips and Drips.

This range goes from fruity to bakery whilst combining these elements along the way. From sweets to cakes, there is something for everyone.

Tropical Kisses - An Exotic Tropical Fruit Blend flavoured premium e-liquid.

Dreamy Kisses - An Orange Creamsicle flavoured premium e-liquid.

Cupcake Kisses - A Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake flavoured premium e-liquid.

Gummy Kisses - A Strawberry Gummy Bear flavoured premium e-liquid.

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