Vape Gifts Under £10

I don’t know about you but we are SO EXCITED for Christmas this year! Not going to lie, the year thus far has been a bit of a roller coaster for everyone (safe to say it’s totally sucked!) so it’s nice to have something to look forward to! We have some big surprises in store for you during December and we hope that you enjoy all of the delights that are still to come!

Bag the perfect stocking filler or secret Santa for vapers this year with our Christmas gifts for under £10! We have a large selection of e-liquids, shortfills, vape accessories and even a few vape devices available.

Primal Shortfill Bottle Opener
RRP: £3.99 

The Primal Shortfill Bottle Opener is a must for all vapers and makes the perfect Christmas stocking filler! How many times have you bought a brand new shortfill e-juice and have been unable to take the top cap off to put in your nic shot - too many. The amount of nibs destroyed using pliers and scissors is endless, honestly, this bottle opener will make life 100 times easier, no mess, no fuss. Keep it on your keychain so that you’re never caught short without it! This gift is a guaranteed winner for all vapers! 

Total Recoil & McCloud 50ml Shortfills
RRP: £4.99 + Free Nic Shot for Loyalty Card Holders 

PG/VG: 30%PG/70%VG
Suitable for: Subohm vape tanks 

Looking to treat a few people this Christmas to delicious e-liquids? Why not take a look at our Total Recoil and McCloud 50ml Shortfill e-juice ranges which are now £4.99 per bottle as part of our everyday low prices! There is a fantastic range of sweet, dessert and menthol flavours to try, take a peek at the flavours available below! 

McCloud - Stratus ~ Stratus from McCloud is a light and refreshing menthol ice slush with sweet blue raspberry juice. All the fun, without the brain freeze!

McCloud - Nimbus ~ Nimbus from McCloud is a fruity mixture of orange soda, mixed with sherbet sticks, slammed in to a juicy piece of bubblegum.

McCloud - Shepherd’s Delight ~ Shepherd’s Delight from McCloud is jam roly poly inspired. Raspberry jam, between layers of vanilla lathered in icing sugar.


Total Recoil - Hotline Drip ~ A wicked-sweet hazelnut cookie flavoured e-juice, this is one of our favourites!

Total Recoil - Tuned-Up ~ A soothing blackcurrant and menthol candy flavoured e-juice, perfect for an icy cool hit!

Total Recoil - Solar Overdrive ~ A tangy orange creamsicle flavoured e-liquid, perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Absolute Classics 50ml Shortfills
RRP: £9.99 + Free Nic Shot for Loyalty Card Holders

PG/VG: 50%PG/50%VG

Suitable for: Both Subohm and Mouth-to-Lung vape tanks

Know someone that’s a fan of classic flavours like Black Jack, Menthol and Darth Vapor? One of our Absolute Classics 50ml Shortfills might just be the perfect Christmas gift for them! The great thing about our Absolute Classics range is that it’s 50%PG/50%VG meaning that you don’t have to guess if it will be suitable for their vape tank. This range was designed to be compatible with all vape tanks and vape kits to be enjoyed by everyone!

Take a look at the flavours below!

Luke Skyvaper On Ice ~ Luke Skyvaper On Ice from Absolute Classics is a mixture of candy and berries, something mysterious from the light side and a hint of menthol.

Tobacco ~ Tobacco from Absolute Classics is a balanced and authentic tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

Black Jack ~ Black Jack from Absolute Classics features the taste of fiery aniseed candy.

Hyperfreeze ~ Hyperfreeze from Absolute Classics is the cleanest, coldest and most brain-freezingly refreshing menthol ever made.

Darth Vapor ~ A mixture of grape, ripe berries, aniseed, cooling menthol and something mysterious from the Dark Side.

Menthol ~ A cool and crisp menthol flavoured e-liquid. 

Luke Skyvaper ~ Luke Skyvaper from Absolute Classics is a mixture of candy and berries, and a hint of something mysterious from the light side.