You can now enjoy the convenience and simplicity of Click & Collect with VPZ. Place your order online and collect your favourite vape liquids, ecigarettes, replacement vape batteries, vape accessories and more from your nearest vape shop. Choose from one of our many VPZ Vape Stores across the UK**

With our full range of vape products on offer, shopping for your favourite eliquids and devices has never been easier. 

We've been working hard to make shopping for eliquids and devices as easy as possible so check out all of the ways you can shop with VPZ below.


Click & Collect 

Order online and collect your vape products at one of our many vape stores across the UK**. Simple, convenient and fast! 

Vape Shop Click & Collect

**Click and collect may not be available in your local store, please check whilst placing your order whether your local VPZ offers this service. 


Shop In-Store

Pop in-store for great advice and guidance on vape products, chat with our ecigarette specialists and shop our full range of products. Remember, some of our stores may be closed for in-store shopping due to COVID-19 restriction, so check locally for your nearest vape shop that's open for in-store shopping.
Vape Shop Near Me
No matter how you shop with us, thank you for being a loyal VPZ customer. VPZ are the UK's Leading E-Cigarette Specialists with over 150 vape stores across the UK. Our team of vaping specialists can help you find the right products for making the switch or simply help keep you on your cigarette free journey. If you ever need advice on finding the best cigarette alternative for you, feel free to reach out to our team via email, our support phoneline or in-store.