Down in the sewers of Derry, Maine, there lurks creatures like no other, they assume the form of clowns and some say on rainy nights you can hear them laughing and chuckling while shouting ‘We all float down here’. Let's take a trip down to the place where you’ll float too and find out what lurks beneath.

Twisty - Let’s take a trip to the circus where Twisty can be found, but this is no normal circus, this is a freak show,  just take a look around. If you go to the sewer in the darkest corner, this is where Twisty can be found. Jumping around on Raspberries, jumping up and down. Shovelling them all into his mouth with a splash of yogurt to wash it down.

Pennywise - You can hear him dragging sacks of Strawberries and Watermelons through the sewers to his lair where he stomps and slashes his way into the sacks before smashing them to pieces and stuffing these into gruesome creatures made from bubblegum. He then feasts on this delicious treat and discards of the leftovers where they float away into the darkness.

Sweet Tooth - If you go down to the woods today, you’ll sure get a big surprise. A mysterious spacecraft has landed in the form of a circus tent and inside you will find an abnormal cotton-candy like cocoon oozing with raspberries.  You will find the ringmaster of the Clowns defending this delicious treat by setting his dog made from balloons on you if you get too close. This is the ringmaster’s personal treat and he will not give it up easily.

Skitzo - Don’t go too far along the back-roads or you may stumble across something terrifying, a house where there lives a butcher clown known only as Skitzo.  He slashes and smashes the green apples and then dowses them in in a molten pot of caramel and cream to bring a gory caramel apple to life, if you knock on his door at Halloween you’ll sure get a treat.

Drooly - After spending most of his life alone living in a cabin near the woods, he trudges through the city at night in search of the perfect grape, berry gobstopper. He smashes these in his mouth and leaves a trail wherever he goes and if you taste it, you may end up like him.