Double Drip

Double Drip have taken VPZ by storm with 15 incredible sweet, fruity flavours!

For the whole of July we have an exclusive in-store deal where you can get three Double Double Drip flavours for only £29.99 or £12.99 each. 

If that wasn’t convincing enough… what if we told you for every Double Drip purchase you could be in for the chance to win a HUGE merch box filled with Double Drip goodies!

So why not check out the flavours below and try them out at your local VPZ!



Sun Drip - A perfect vape for a sunny day! Juicy grapefruit, tangy tangerine and apricot, blended together for a refreshing fruity vape.

Sherbet Rainbow - Fizzy sherbet and sweet candy come together to bring you a sweet, yet sour treat. 

Crystal Mist - Cool yet fruity, Crystal Mist combines blue raspberry and black cherry, with a blast of menthol to chill you out. 

Lemon Sherbet - Exactly what it says on the bottle. Sour lemon and sparkling sherbet together to bring you something that could easily become an all day vape. 

Lemon Tart - Take a crisp yet fluffy pastry base and some fresh zesty lemons and you have a tangy yet sweet and savoury lemon tart, just like Gran used to make.

Raspberry Sherbet - Ripe raspberries and fizzy sherbet together to bring you a fruity and refreshing vape.

Strawberry Laces & Sherbet - Take a trip down memory lane with strawberry laces that have been laced with sherbet, a true taste of childhood.

Super Berry Sherbet - A super blast of seven different berries, covered in sherbet for a fruity explosion.

Twisted Ice Cream - Take some vanilla ice cream and twist it up with raspberries and lime for a cream filled fruity dessert. 

Caramel Apple Cake - Vanilla cake baked to perfection with slices of apple, smothered in smooth, sweet caramel, one for those with a sweet tooth. 

Orange Mango Chill - A straightforward e-liquid, orange juice and mango blended together and served over ice.

Strawberry Banana waffle - Fresh waffles out the oven, covered with sliced strawberries and bananas and dollop of fresh vanilla cream.

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles - There is no description needed for this one, just think back to your childhood and enjoy the nostalgia.

Lemon Lime Tangerine - A circus of citrus with a twist! Lemon, lime and tangerine served over ice. 

Mango Raspberry - Let’s take some vanilla ice cream and mix it up with some raspberries and mangoes for a sweet, fruity, refreshing vape. 

Looking for more information about this range? Check them out via our website HERE