F.A.Q's Top Tips For Healthy Coils

Chain Vaping

The term chain vaping means much the same as chain smoking but instead of smoking you are, well...vaping. This is when you are constantly using your device without putting it down for a longer period of time.  When you do this it can dry the coil out and if you keep vaping, it will not give the coil time absorb more liquid which can then burn out the coil. This also results in more liquid being put through the coil which also affects the longevity.  We would recommend taking a few puffs and then setting the device down for a few minutes to allow the coil to absorb more liquid.

Sweet E-Liquids

Sweet liquids can be a coils worst enemy.  The general rule is the sweeter the liquid, the less time your coil will last.  Some manufacturers use sweeteners in their liquid to enhance the flavour but the trade off for this is that the coil may not last as long.  The reason for this is over time the sweetener will build up on the coil causing it to darken and it will start tasting a bit strange until it burns out.  The reason this happens is the sugars build up on the coil and break down the cotton.

Power Settings

Most of the coils you purchase will have recommended wattage settings either on the coil or the pack.  This is recommended by the manufacturer for 2 reasons, one being that this is where they feel the coil will perform best and the second being that this will help with the longevity of the coil.  If you are using a non-variable battery then this is not something that you would need to worry about as the coils for these devices are designed with the voltage of the battery in mind. If you use the coil within the recommended wattage then this will help your coil last longer.


While there is no set time on how long a coil will last, we would expect this to last between 2-14 days.  This is entirely dependant on how often the device is used, the wattage the device is set at and if you are using a sweeter liquid.

Coil Priming

Whether you are using your new tank for the first time or just changing the coil, priming is an essential part of the process to ensure you don’t burn out your coil.  When you have a brand new coil we would advise that you put a few drops of liquid down the centre of the coil to start the wicking process.  Once you have done this put the coil into the tank and fill the tank and leave this for 5-10 minutes to absorb the liquid, before taking a vape , take some pulls without pressing the button to draw some liquid into the coil and then start off on a lower wattage and work your way up slowly to the recommended wattage.  

Tank Seals

If the seals of your tank are not on correctly or are damaged, this will cause the coil to flood and may cause your tank to leak.  The signs of a flooded coil are generally if there is gurgling or liquid spitting when you go to vape it. If this happens and the seals are damaged we would recommend changing these and the coil.

Burning Taste

If you are getting a burning taste straight away, we would recommend checking that the wattage of the device is set correctly and that the coil has been primed.  If the coil has been in for a while then this would generally signal that it needs to be changed as it has reached the end of its life.