For All You Vaping Aficionados!

You’ve had your starter kit for a while now, it’s getting on in age and you feel it’s time to put it to bed – it has served you well. The next big question is what will you choose next? 

If you are looking to take the next step in exploring the wonderful world of e-liquids or for a battery that lasts you throughout the day, take a peek at what we have to offer below!

Bigger battery

One of the main reasons vapers ditch their starter devices when they are ready to upgrade is for extended battery life, pen style e-cigarettes are fantastic when you are starting out but once you have been vaping for a few months you realise instead of carrying multiple batteries you could treat yourself to a new device which either holds more battery life, can be charged via a micro usb charging port or that can use interchangeable 18650’s so you can switch out on the go.  

Check out some of our high-end devices below!


More Choices

Once you have a higher end device, this opens you to a whole new world of vaping. We are talking device settings, sub ohm tanks, coil selections and liquids!

Device Settings – Yes, you can finally customise to the perfect settings to suit what you are looking for. On many coils you may have noticed ‘range brackets’ like 40 – 80w this means you can now choose which wattage you would like to have set – giving you more or less power when required. Another advantage of higher end mods is the built in screen – there is no guesswork when it comes to battery life your display will clearly show you exactly how much battery life you have left, what type of coil you are using and some even have a ‘puff counter’ where you can see just how much you are vaping.

Sub Ohm Tanks – More clouds, more flavour and higher temperatures. With a lot of higher end kits and devices you will more than likely receive a ‘Sub-Ohm’ tank. This style of vaping is also known as Straight to Lung because of the way you vape it in comparison with starter tanks which are mouth to lung as that is what traditional cigarette smoking is like. 

Bear in mind that with Sub Ohm tanks we would not recommend using any higher than 6mg nicotine e-liquids. 

Coils – With Sub-Ohm tanks, you are now less restricted on the type of coil you can use. For example if you buy the Aspire Cleito 2ml Tank you will notice you can buy 0.2 ohm and 0.4 ohms depending on which wattage you would like to run your device at, this can in turn produce better clouds or better flavour depending on which e-liquid you use and what you are looking for in your vaping experience.

Better Flavours

Fancy something more interesting or we could even say more exotic? In comparison to high PG e-liquids, thicker high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) levels tend to be more exciting and full of flavour, ranging from sticky sweet gummy bears to vanilla cream cakes. Another benefit of e-liquids containing higher VG levels is that your vape is a lot smoother, we would recommend this if you are using a lower nicotine strength like 3 or 6mg.

Some of our favourite High VG eliquid ranges are:

Soda Poppin – This Soda inspired range is full of fizz and flavour, topped off with a cool rush of ice – the best part is, all of the flavours are really gentle on coils leaving the taste fresh for longer.

Primal – Who doesn’t like fruit flavoured vapes? We certainly do and Primal is jam packed with bold, ripe flavours. If you are looking for a great tropical, mango or grape e-liquid, this is our go-to range!

Phil’s Shorts – Summer may be over but Phil is keeping it cool. Jokes aside this range covers all areas ice cream floats, cherry cola even fruit cereal. Talk about getting funky with the selection you can get!

Come in and have a chat with our friendly staff if you are thinking about changing your device. With over 100 stores nationwide, there is sure to be a VPZ just around the corner!