Innokin 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Make the switch today with VPZ and the Innokin Endura T18E-II Kit!


Making the switch is not an easy feat; it can sometimes be a long process of trial and error to find what works for you. At VPZ we are here to make this process easier for you with the help and support of our expert staff. 


To help you kickstart your journey to becoming cigarette free, we are bringing you an exclusive deal with Innokin, one of the world’s leading vaping manufacturers!

Inhale the freedom and try our in-store 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you love it, you’ll be rewarded for sticking to your journey with a £10 voucher for VPZ & INNOKIN! If you don’t love it, then we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed!*

Innokin produce high quality e-cigarettes which have been tried and tested by us. We have no doubt that you will love their T18E-II device - it provides everything you need to have a great vaping experience. Not only do we have faith in this brand and it’s unique products, but also in vaping as a method to stop smoking for good. Why not check out our vaping statistics blog to find out how other VPZ customers feel after making the switch. You’ll get an insight into your future, healthier self!

Here’s the really exciting bit though, you will also have the opportunity to measure your lung capacity and C0 levels in-store. We want to give you encouragement and tangible results on how your well-being improves over the 30 days!

We all know how hard it can be, but you don’t need to do it alone! There’s lots of other people taking the first steps of their journey right now….

Latest figures show that approximately 2million people in the UK have already quit smoking by switching to vaping, with 500,000 more presently trying to switch. Furthermore, Cancer Research UK estimates that there are currently 9.4million smokers in the UK who can still potentially switch to vaping. If you’re one of them, then get down to your local VPZ today and take advantage of this deal and the support that our in-store experts can offer you on your journey.

How does it work?


All you need to start your cigarette free journey today is the Innokin Endura T18E-II Kit, 5 X 10ml VO e-liquids and a pack of coils, all for only £49.99! Our store staff will be on hand to help you set up your device and offer lots of tips and advice to get you started.


It’s pretty simple, once you purchase your Innokin bundle, just make sure you come back in to store at least 4 times within 30 days. We recommend you pop in weekly, so we can support you on your journey and ensure your device is working at its best. 


During these visits, you can try new flavours of e-liquids and nicotine strengths to find what works best for you. This is also when you have the chance to measure your lung capacity and the Carbon Monoxide levels in your lungs too- for those of you with a competitive side, this is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself!


After 30 days, if you’ve decided vaping isn’t for you, you can return the device and any unopened liquids or coils and get your money back. Guaranteed! If you love it and want to stick with it, we’ll reward you with a £10 voucher for INNOKIN products in our stores! 


The Device 


The Innokin Endura T18-II is a beginner’s best friend, with everything you could want in a starter kit! It features adjustable airflow, adjustable power and a magnetic dust cap. 


The "No-Spill" coil swap system allows for easy coil replacement, for top ups on the go. The device also supports the ability to vape while charging – it is the perfect kit for hassle free vaping! 


Why not head on in to your local VPZ and speak to one of our helpful experts about starting your journey today? With over 125 stores Nationwide, there’s sure to be one just around the corner!



*Terms & conditions apply. Customers must visit VPZ once a week for the 30 day trial so that store staff can assist you on your journey. If after 30 days, you find that vaping isn't working for you- then we'll give you your money back, no questions asked (you must have the original box and your original receipt). Money back will be offered on the initial deal purchase of the Innokin Endura T18E-II device ONLY and any unopened products such as VO liquids or coils suitable for that device ONLY. Any opened liquids or coils will not be valid for a return. Customers MUST present their receipt from the initial transaction for ALL items included in the bundle deal, if they wish to return the device or unopened products. Customers must also have 4 visits to a VPZ store logged on their VPZ loyalty card and Visit Log to be eligible for a refund. On returning products you will be refunded the following values: Innokin Endura T18E-II Kit (£29.99), unopened 10ml VO e-liquids (£2 per bottle), unopened coils (£2 per coil). Refunds will only be offered after the 30 day period from date of purchase. Customers have up to 14 days after the initial 30 day period to claim their refund or reward. Customers who wish to continue vaping and claim their reward voucher will therefore forfeit their right to refund on any part of this deal. One kit purchase per customer only.  £10 Innokin money off voucher can only be redeemed in store and on Innokin products ONLY – No change given, single use voucher only. While stocks last. This product is only for smokers, so if you don’t smoke, don’t start vaping now