Introducing Phil's Shorts (50ml Shortfills)

The Life of Phil

Phil is a simple lad. He has a hut on a beach – called PhilAdelphia (and we all know it is always sunny there…). He hangs out on the beach, chills with friends, surfs and vapes. Phil loves his shorts, he has a pair for every occasion. These were designed by Phil himself, most likely by accident, but we don’t care because Phil is super chill.

We are happy to announce Phil’s Shorts! (50ml Shortfills)

Cherryola – Phil’s favourite thing to fill his cooler with when he’s out for a day of shredding, is ice cold cans of sweet and tangy cherry cola.

Jelly Shot – Phil has a soft spot for gummy candies. His favourite mix is 2 strawberry, 1 raspberry and 1 watermelon. All stuffed in his mouth at once. Now you can try it too!

Ocean Blue – Phil says it tastes like blue. Don’t ask me to try and explain, just try it. He’s not wrong.

Cowabunga – Phil loves those little tins of mints that you get. The green ones. He can’t remember what they’re called but he says they’re minted.

Just Floatin’ – Phil swears by this “cocktail”. He says it took him years to perfect the recipe. I mean it’s just a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass of cola, but he’s proud of it.

Milky Waves – According to Phil , breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even at 8pm. He basically eats fruit loops cereal and nothing else. Phil is a man of simple yet refined taste.

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