New & Exclusive! Absolute Classics White Label!
Absolute E-Juice are at it again bringing us only the finest affordable shortfills on the market and taking it way back with giving some classics a new lease of life!

We are happy to announce that there are 9 additional flavours joining the Absolute Classics range taking the total to 16 flavours that we just can’t seem to get enough of!

Not to mention there is a new Jedi Master of a flavour on the scene, Vape Windu! Let us know how this competes against Darth Vapour and Luke Skyvaper, could this be our new #1?

Pear Drops - Sweet and sour hard pear candies.

Raspberry Sorbet - Deliciously tart raspberry sorbet.

Extreme Ice - Ice. Extreme Ice.

Boo Boo Brew - Our bestselling famous secret recipe, now in shortfill form.

Blackcurrant Chews - Chewy blackcurrant sweets, just like you remember them!

Vape Windu - A unique and bold mixture of orange, citrus, anise and ice.

Sherbet Lemon - Tart sweet candies, full of powdery fizz.

The Red One - The unmistakable red taste of berries, grapes, aniseed and menthol.

Havana - A subtle blend of tobacco layered with caramel and biscuit.

Each flavour is blended into a smooth 50PG/50VG mix, available in 50ml shortfills for £9.99 online or in-store!

Already have favourites in the Absolute Classics range? Why not mix and match them at your local VPZ for only £24.99 - a bargain for 150ml of our top selling e-liquids!