New Year, New Resolution? Make The Switch in 2020

New Year, New Resolution?



Many people set new year resolutions to eat better, or to get back into fitness, but why not start the New Year off by making a change to you or a friend’s well-being in a different way? Make the switch to vaping.
There are now 3.6 million people vaping in the UK. Approximately 2 million of these people have already quit smoking my switching to vaping. If you are already one of the 2 million people to quit, then why not help a friend or a family member to make the switch too.
Public Health England have estimated that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.
One of our customers Douglas from the Port Talbot Store has had a very positive experience with making the switch to vaping. Douglas previously used to smoke 1 cigarette an hour before discovering vaping. “It has helped from both a financial and health point of view. I am amazed by the difference that VPZ and vaping has made for myself.”
Help yourself and others around you.

A study carried out by California Department Of Public Health’s DR Michael Siegel showed that "dangerous exposure to any hazardous chemicals from vaping was essentially non-existent whereas being exposed to second hand smoke from cigarettes has the same dangers as physically smoking a cigarette."