We are so excited to announce the launch of RELX's brand new disposable vape bar range. These are designed to be the simplest possible way to vape, as they are inhale activated, and feature no moving parts, buttons, screens, settings etc. All you need to do is just puff on the end as you would a regular cigarette, and you're good to go. They come in a variety of different designs and flavours.

Using a ceramic coil for smoother puffs, their unique slim look and feel is perfectly compact and recommended for vapers using MTL (mouth to lung) style vape device or those who are recently or still using cigarettes.

RELX contains 2ml of e-liquid and offers visible levels, so you know when it's time to replace your device. RELX bars contain a 19mg 50%PG/50%VG "Nicotine Salt" based blend. This e-Liquid features one of the strongest nicotine levels allowed under the TPD, whilst having a far reduced throat hit compared to similar strength "ordinary" nicotine products. The end result is a liquid that delivers a strong and powerful nicotine rush without being harsh on the throat.

Vape bars are measured in "puffs" (an inhale and exhale) the RELX Bar averages around 600 puffs per device. The exact number of puffs you get will depend on your own personal usage and how long each one of your puffs is.


Available in 5 delicious flavours:

Mango Orange

Get lost in the tropics with the ripe, tangy yellow mango and added fresh orange flavour. From the first note, you

sense the sourness of the mango, which helps bring out the fresh orange flavour in the middle and back notes.

Green Apple Kiwi

Go green! The iconic duo of sour green apple and tangy kiwi make this a perfect cocktail of awesome. The final flavour is pleasant, easy to recognize and full of sweet fruit.

Black Currant Grape

You will love this truly one-of-a-kind rich flavour made from juicy, ripe black currants and sweet purple grapes.

Lychee Mango

When the tropics unite! This lychee fruit flavour is upgraded to perfection when blended with sweet, ripe mango.

The top note is fresh mango, followed by the tangy, iconic lychee. This flavour strikes a perfect balance of richness

and sweetness.

Banana Coconut

In the first moment, you taste this super creamy flavour with prominent coconut and ripe bananas. The sweetness is toned down to really capture this tropical flavour for these two iconic fruits.


RELX is also offering a year-long campaign ending 31st March 2023. Offering customers, the chance to swap out their old pod device for a brand new RELX. Unfortunately, this offer will only be available in-store only.

The device swap will only include the RELX Essential battery device. Therefore, any pods required will have to be purchased separately.

This offer involves bringing your old or unwanted pod system vapes to your local VPZ store and receiving a free new RELX device replacement.

The device you wish to swap does not have to be in working condition to be able to receive your free replacement device from RELX. Eligible devices include Juul, Voom and Myst.


About RELX devices

The RELX Essential is an automatic draw function device with a 350mAh battery, allowing for an easy switch from smoking to vaping. Keep an eye on the LED light to check your remaining battery, as this device can be recharged using a USB-C charger. 


The RELX device is compatible with RELX pods. These are pre-filled nic salt vape pods. Each pod is structured using 11 layers in a maze shape, helping to prevent leaking, even when exposed to pressure changes such as flight transportation. This structure also delivers a super smooth vape, with lower temperatures, quiet operation and fast activation, taking just 0.2 seconds to start producing vapour.


The RELX pods come in 10 different flavours.

  • Fresh Red - Watermelon flavour with a cooling finish
  • Gardens Heart- Sun-ripe strawberries and citrus
  • Blue Gems - Blueberry and cooling menthol.
  • Golden Tobacco - Rich nutty tobacco blend with notes of sweet vanilla.
  • Tangy Purple - Grape / red wine
  • Black Twist- Hints of liquorice
  • Double Peppermint- Refreshingly strong mint flavour
  • Raspy Ruby- Sweet raspberry
  • Fresh Red- Watermelon with a cooling finish
  • Zesty Menthol - Sweet mint and citrus notes of lime