Tobacco Tax Hike October 2021

Smokers will see prices skyrocket from 6pm tonight. Both cigarettes and rolling tobacco are set for major price increases, with some 20 packs jumping from £12.73 to over £13.60!


This results in some 20 per-day smokers forking out over £4960 per year to maintain their habit. That is over £400 per month, by contrast, the average VPZ customer can spend as little as £31.97* on e-liquid a month. You can purchase our shortfills or 10ml E-liquids on 3 for mix and match weekly deal, we find that 3 10ml bottles of e-liquid will last most vapers one week!


When you consider the initial start-up cost of a recommended starter device, replacement coils, and E liquid comes in at less than one week still smoking… you can quickly see the £££ difference between the two.


With even the cheapest packs of 20 now costing £9.73 per pack, there has never been a better time to make the move and switch to vaping.


Make the switch today with the VPZ Vape Clinic. 


Book a FREE, 30-minute appointment today. Quit, or your money back.


Vape Clinic by VPZ is a dedicated, one-to-one consultation with our e-cigarette specialists.


We'll guide you through various cigarette alternatives to find the perfect fit for your needs so that you can start your journey to becoming smoke-free. 


We'll continue to offer guidance and help on your cigarette free journey and if after 4 weeks you're not happy with your cigarette alternative, you'll get your money back.


Our goals...


We plan to open multiple Vape Clinics throughout the UK on a scheduled basis, the first of which will be opening within our flagship store, VPZ Newbridge on the 5th of July with more to come. 


Our goal is to help every remaining smoker within the UK make the switch to an alternative which is around 95% less harmful than smoking[3]. We believe that with the right support and products, anyone can make the switch and become completely cigarette free, for good! 


We stand by the smokefree 2030 message and believe that as a Nation, together we can stamp out smoking for good and look forward to a smoke-free future for our generation and many more to come.


How to book in at a VPZ Vape Clinic…


If you are ready to join the 3 million current vapers on their smoke-free journey, book a free appointment with us online


Once you are booked in at your local VPZ branch, our specialist consultants will dedicate time to sit down with you and look at all of the options available from e-cigarette starter kits to heat-not-burn products, ultimately finding the right device for your needs. They will cover the benefits of each kit and provide you with guidance when it comes to choosing a nicotine strength and flavour of e-liquid and most importantly how to set up your device and keep it well maintained. 


Once your consultation has ended, we will book you in for a follow-up appointment to see how you are getting on, look into what is working or perhaps what has not been working for you and tailor your experience to perfection. 


After 4 weeks and a few follow-up visits with our e-cigarette specialists- if you are not satisfied that your device has helped you make the switch entirely, we will provide you with a full refund for your hardware and any unopened boxes of e-liquids and coils, no matter what condition. Full Ts&Cs of our money-back guarantee are noted below.


*Terms & Conditions apply: Customers must have a VPZ Loyalty Card or sign up to one at the point of purchase. Customers must have had at least 4 consultations with VPZ E-Cigarette specialists, including initial consultation, to be eligible for a refund of Vape Clinic products. Follow up consultations can include phone calls where this has been previously arranged with staff. Devices purchased at the initial consultation can be returned in any condition, e-liquids or packs of coils purchased at an initial consultation can only be returned if they are unopened. Purchases of IQOS through Vape Clinic Appointments should be purchased through IQOS Try Before You Buy and have a 14 day return period, IQOS purchases through Vape Clinic are subject to the IQOS returns policy. This does not affect your statutory rights.