Something mysterious has just landed at your local VPZ store. We are happy to announce that a new range of premium liquids brought to you by Absolute E-Juice are now available in store and on the VPZ website. Go, go go!

The new e-liquid range is Faceless – their e-liquids are sugary-sweet and the perfect flavour notes of wintergreen, ice cream and cereal milk will leave you questioning what just happened.

Anonymous – Sitting alone in his basement, a scrolling green text on his command window illuminates his face. He is anonymous. Nobody knows he exists, besides the ruined admins of the hacked servers he leaves in his wake. His drink of choice? A sugary sweet cola float with vanilla ice cream.

Unknown – She’s the shadowy unknown figure at the top of the largest intelligence agency in the world, and she’s seen it all; governments fall, economies broken and monarchs brought to their knees. Nobody has ever seen her though; only smelled the telltale scent of minty-sweet wintergreen candy and the empty wrappers she leaves behind.

Unidentified – A homicide call at 7:00am. An unidentified John Doe doe found with a fatal gunshot wound. D.I. Ruiz hadn’t had his breakfast yet and wasn’t fussy. He finished off the stiff’s cereal. The syrupy sweet leftover cereal milk at the bottom of the bowl went down easy.

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