Vaping accessories for under £5

Are you looking for something to make your vaping journey just that little bit easier or perhaps you need some safe storage for your batteries, take a look at our top accessories for under £5 below!

60ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle
RRP £0.99

This 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottle is perfect for those that buy a lot of 10ml e-liquids. As we offer a great selection of deals across out 10ml e-liquids we find a lot of customers will buy 5 or 10 10ml bottles of one flavour at a time, to save carrying all of those small bottles, it is much easier and more convenient to decant them into one larger 60ml bottle - it’s a no brainer for 99p! 

18650 / 18350 Plastic Battery Case
RRP £1.99

If you are an avid vaper with multiple sets of batteries or use 18650 / 18350 batteries in general, we would advise that you pick up a couple of plastic batteries cases. Not only does it keep your pair together but more importantly it keeps you safe from having loose batteries kicking about inside your drawers, bag or pockets. For more information on battery safety check our vape battery safety blog.

eGo 510 Adaptor
RRP £1.99

If you are using an older eGo style tank for your pen styled device but fancy picking up a brand new mod so that you have more battery power, you might find that it doesn’t fit due to the threading. The eGo 510 adaptor is a great quick fix for this, once attached to your tank you will be able to use this on the 510 threaded mod of your choosing with ease - just remember to make sure that the wattage you set is compatible for your coils, we wouldn’t like them to burn out!

Primal Shortfill Bottle Opener
RRP £3.99

The Primal Shortfill Bottle Opener is a must for all vapers! How many times have you bought a brand new shortfill but have been unable to take the top cap off to put in your nic shot - too many. The amount of nibs destroyed using pliers and scissors is endless, honestly, this bottle opener will make life 100 times easier, no mess, no fuss. Keep it on your keychain so that you’re never caught short without it!

Cotton Gods Premium Vaping Cotton
RRP £4.99

If you are an advanced vaper that enjoys building your own coils for RDA’s, we understand how important ( and satisfying ) light and fluffy cotton is for making wicks and absorbing your favourite e-liquid. That is exactly why we have stocked Cotton Gods for you, no dry hits, easy wicking and no break in period!