Vaporized has rebranded to VPZ. Have you seen our new look stores?

We want to stand out from the crowd. We are already the UK’s leading vaping specialist and we will continue to offer our support and incredible range of products to customers across the UK. However, we also have huge plans for growth and VPZ is a brand that can carry off our ambitious international expansion vision. The name is transferable outside the UK and is easily recognizable anywhere in the world. You heard it here first, VPZ is going global!

Not only that, but VPZ will allow us to add other product categories such as CBD ranges, new nicotine products and other emerging sectors that fit with our brand, but do not necessarily fit with a vaping only name such as Vaporized. So that’s right…watch out for even more amazing products landing in stores throughout 2019.

We’re ready to streamline, we want to be fresh and professional and VPZ ticks all the boxes here.

Here’s the exciting bit though, keep those eyes peeled for massive light projections of our new logo on landmark buildings in a city near you.

If you spot a VPZ logo popping up in your town or city then it’s safe to say we’re going to be opening even more stores in your area very soon. Woohoo!

Are you wondering how this might affect you as a customer?

The main change for customers will be your loyalty cards.

If you already have a Vaporized loyalty card, make sure you swap it out for a new VPZ loyalty card before the 1st of April 2019!

Our new loyalty cards not only mean that we’ll be able to offer you better rewards further down the line, but they’ve also got a keychain section that means you’ll never be caught short without it!

Don’t forget to change it over though, customers who don’t change their card before 1st April 2019 will lose their points and their old card will become invalid. We don’t want you to miss out so get it swapped over asap.

Other than that, not a huge amount will change. We will still offer expert vaping advice, the biggest range of e-liquids in town and excellent customer service.

With over 100 stores nationwide, there’s bound to be a VPZ near you, so what are you waiting for?

All the best,