VPZ Eliquid FAQ 10ml e-liquid shortfill e-liquid

Have you ever wondered what an e-liquid is and what is actually in it? 

E-liquid / vape juice is the flavoured fluid which you fill your vape tank with. When heated with a coil it vaporises to produce vapour. This e-liquid vapour is then inhaled as part of the process of vaping.

Your e-liquid is made from 3 main ingredients:

Propylene glycol (PG) - Propylene Glycol or PG is a synthetic organic compound, and is essentially there to help the whole liquid mix together properly. As it is flavourless it makes a great base for e-liquid as it will have little to no effect on the taste. The higher the amount of PG the thinner the liquid will become when mixed with VG. High PG e-liquids also provide minimal ‘cloud’ production. You’ll be happy to know that PG is also used as a food additive and preservative.

Vegetable glycerine (VG) - Vegetable Glycerine or VG is an organic compound usually derived from; Palm, Soy, Coconut or Rapeseed oils. It is commonly found in foods, cosmetics and medicines. VG is there to give the e-liquid some thickness and smoothness, and also to help create that cloud of vapour that is produced.

Natural and artificial flavourings - All flavourings that we use are classed as GRAS, or “Generally Recognised As Safe” for human consumption. This is what gives the liquids their unique tastes; Bakery, Fruit, Tobacco, whatever it is that you are looking for, there is probably an e-liquid to suit your tastes!

And one ingredient which is optional:

Nicotine - Nicotine is the part of the cigarette or e-cigarette that you’re actually addicted to. Nicotine on it’s own has been shown to be one of the least harmful parts of a cigarette. In basic terms, Nicotine first acts as a stimulant, then a mild relaxant. We offer our e-liquids in a range of different strengths to suit a variety of needs. However nicotine is a completely optional component, we also stock a HUGE range of Nicotine free e-liquids online and in all of our VPZ stores.

E-liquids do not necessarily need to be flavoured, however, I don’t imagine vaping a blend of unflavoured VG and PG would be a very pleasant experience not to mention it would be incredibly dull! This is why there is such a large variety of e-liquid flavours available on the market. Menthol e-liquid, bakery e-liquid, fruit e-liquid and even tobacco flavoured e-liquid, you name it and there is a high chance that it is out there! By providing such a large variety it enables both advanced and new vapers to really home in to a selection which is enjoyable as everyone has their own preference.

If you are looking for e-liquids containing a high PG content make sure to check out our UK, V Premium and VO ranges.We would recommend Blueberry from our VO range for new vapers with e-cigarette starter kits. This flavour is a great entry to e-liquids other than tobacco for those looking to branch out into something new! Blueberry is a very natural tasting e-liquid with no sweet artificial taste! If you are looking for something with an ice-cool hit we can also recommend PPP Ice from our V Premium range which is a summery blend of peach, pear, passion fruit and a refreshing hit of ice!

For e-liquids containing a high VG content, we have a wide selection of Premium 10ml e-liquids and Shortfills available! One of our favourites is the brand new flavour, Clueless - Big Man Ting On Ice. Big Man Ting On Ice features the taste of juicy grapefruit, blackcurrant, lemon and a hint of ice. If you are looking for a super smooth we would recommend getting yourself a bottle of Absolute Classics Platinum - Havana Heaven which is a subtle blend of tobacco layered with caramel and biscuit!