When Life Gives You Lemons...

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  When we gave Absolute E-juice lemons they created the brand new Traditional Lemonade Co.  Five fresh, fizzy flavours with a fruity twist that are sure to become a fan favourite. Let’s take a walk down to the lemonade stand and see what’s on the menu. 

Tropical Lemonade

Have you ever dreamed of sitting on your own private beach on a tropical island sipping away on a nice cool lemonade? Whilst we can’t take you to paradise, this tropical lemonade from Traditional Lemonade Co may just make you feel like you are already there.  Sweet lemonade laced with guava and other tropical fruits to bring you a taste of the tropics

Peach Lemonade

What a peach of an e-liquid! Imagine sweet, ripe, fuzzy peaches sliced up and blended with ice cold zesty lemonade served over ice.  Now that is peachy!  

Cherry Lemonade

Sweet sweet cherries are getting down with some zesty, freshly squeezed lemons to bring you this sour yet sweet Cherry lemonade from Traditional Lemonade Co.

Double Lemonade

Double Lemonade, how can it be double? What do you mean?  Well we took our freshly squeezed lemonade and added some, you guessed it, zesty lemons!   A lemony lemonade made from lemons that will have you doing a double take to believe it.

Raspberry Lemonade

A true classic now turned into and e-liquid!  We’ve taken our freshly squeezed lemonade and blended it with ripe, sweet raspberries to bring you a taste of luxury.  Some say it almost tastes pink…

Mmmmm they’re all so good we can’t decide which is our favourite so we’ll leave that down to you!  Why not take a stroll in the sun to your local VPZ store and pick up a bottle of lemony, fruity goodness or all 5 if you can’t decide like us!  Remember these 50ml shortfills are only £12.99 each but if you buy 3 in-store this will only be £34.99!