VPZ Why do people fail at vaping?

The key to vaping successfully is perseverance and the will to succeed, much like any other goal you have set or hurdle that life throws at you, making the switch to vaping is not an easy feat. 

We find that sometimes people fail or struggle to adjust to using an electronic device in comparison to sparking up a traditional cigarette. It tastes different, it feels different and it certainly smells different (for the better!). We completely understand this, especially if you have been a long time smoker! Unfortunately in this case you have to want to make the switch more than the dislike of a new sensation. If you have no drive or motivation to make the switch and try something new, you will fail. In terms of taste, we have over 500 flavours available to ensure that there is a wide variety to choose from so that you can find something that suits your personal taste, whether it be as close to tobacco as possible or something as off the wall as strawberry cream cakes!

Another reason we find that could contribute to people ‘failing’ to make the switch is not taking or seeking advice when first starting out on the switch journey. We always recommend speaking to one of our specialists when it comes to choosing a device and e-liquids for your needs, using the correct strength of e-liquid with the correct device is the key to success. Buying online is fantastic and extremely convenient but doesn't always offer the answers and guidance you need. For example some devices we wouldn’t recommend to starter vapers as they are high powered, require low nicotine / high VG e-liquids and host a large variety of settings which may be daunting to a beginner. We would always recommend using a starter kit such as the AEQ Pod Vape Kit or the Innokin T18E-II Vape Starter Kit to start with. Both devices have been designed with new vapers in mind, they are easy to use and provide a tight mouth-to-lung style draw similar to that of a traditional cigarette. 

Ensuring that the correct nicotine strength is used is also very important, it can be an extremely unpleasant first experience it you buy a very high nicotine based e-liquid but only require a medium to low strength, our team members can help guide you through selecting a suitable strength through your current smoking habits, whether this is socially right up to if you are smoking 40 a day - this will also help determine the best starter kit required in terms of battery life and power to ensure you have an all-day vape! 

Find your local VPZ store today and get expert advice, tips & tricks when starting out.