will vaping save me money

There is no doubt about it, smoking is a bad habit and expensive. I’m sure many of you will remember when a pack of cigarettes cost about £7-8 (or less if you have been graced with more wisdom years than me!) and that has jumped by £3 to £5 a pack in recent years, meanwhile, vaping has only gotten cheaper as time goes by with a large selection of 10ml e-liquids and 50ml shortfills.

A 20 per day smoker is spending on average a massive £282.19 per month, that's £3386.28 a year more than they could be! However, to start vaping using one of our starter kits, e-liquids and coils, I can guarantee we can half that figure, let's crunch some numbers below.

Starter Kit Device Choice: Innokin Endura T18E-II, RRP £29.99
*Pack of Innokin T18 Coils RRP £9.99
*VO e-liquids multibuy deal, RRP 10 for £24.99

And that brings us to a grant total of £64.97 and a whole lot of extra money to treat yourself and family. Not to mention the device is a one off cost! No matter what angle we look at it, for a 20 per day smoker, vaping will always be the cheaper option, even if you purchased 80 bottles of VO e-liquid a month (a little bit dramatic), that would still cost you less than buying one pack of cigarettes a day for a month.

Check out how much you’ve spent on cigarettes using the NHS Savings Calculator here. What could you have saved that money for instead?

At VPZ we are always offering vape deals whether it’s our impressive selection of multibuys, managers specials or weekly deals, we cater to everyone’s needs so that it’s easy to make the switch and even easier on the wallet.

To start your journey in making the switch to an alternative which is at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes**, why not visit your local VPZ store today.

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