Cheap Shortfills

That’s right - you heard us. March madness is in full force with further price drops across ALL shortfills!

We want our shortfill e-liquid prices to be simple, easy to understand and most importantly good value for money!... Charlie’s Chalk Dust 50ml’s for only £14.99 ?! We vote yes to that.

Check out all of our new prices and the ranges they apply to below. In-store you will also find multi-buy deals on all shortfills to give you even more bang for your buck.

ALL 25ml shortfills now for only £6.99 or 3 for £17.99*
Check out the range Retrospex & Wonutz

50ml shortfills £9.99 & 3 for £24.99*
Check out the ranges this applies to: Absolute Classics, Charlie’s Chalk Dust Stumps, Cheap Thrills, Creator Of Flavor, Drip CoPhil’s ShortsRisen & Shake it,

50ml shortfills £12.99 & 3 for £34.99*
Check out the ranges this applies to: Bang Bang JuiceMcCloudPrimal, Soda Poppin & Total Recoil,

50ml shortfills £14.99 & 3 for £39.99*
Check out the ranges this applies to: Bad DripBurst, Burst Blizzard, Burst Duo, Charlie’s Chalk Dust, CCD Meringue Family, CCD Sister Brands, Clown, Craft Vapes, Cream Puff, Directors Cut, Double Drip, El Cheapo, Geeked Out, Koi, Lips & Drips, Ohana, Ohm Baked, Pacha Mama, Pocket Fuel, Punk Grenade, Pure Evil, Riot Squad, Ruthless, Selfish & Slammin,

100ml shortfills £19.99 & 3 for £49.99*
Check out the ranges this applies to: 100 Large & Disco Juice,

100ml shortfills £22.99 & 3 for £54.99*
Check out the ranges this applies to: Dr Frost, Hi-Drip & Unruly

Got a Nic Shot for that?! Don’t forget to pick up your Nic Shots or if you’re looking to add a cooling kick check out Nic Shot Ice!

Can’t decide which flavour to go for, it’s hard when they are all so good! Why not check out some of our staff favourites.

Rebecca - Soda Poppin - Fizzblast

Key notes: Orange, Lychee, Soda

“Fizzblast is hands down one of the best orange soda flavoured e-liquids out there. Sweet but not sickly, a good amount of cooling fizz and a sneaky touch of Lychee to blend it together, creating the ultimate all-day vape!”

Ryan  - Clown - Drooly

Key notes: Grape, Berry, Gobstoppers

“Drooly absolutely nails the flavour profile it is aiming for. Sweet and Sour, fruity and fizzy, what’s not to like? A nice amount of zingy sour grape on the inhale and lovely sweet gobstopper shell and red berries on the exhale, a fantastic all-day vape in my book.”

Deborah  - Primal - Mango Maniac

Key notes: Mango, tropical fruit and menthol

“I could vape Mango maniac day and night for the rest of time. It’s the perfect mix of refreshing fruit, with that menthol kick that I look for in any e-liquid that I vape. Apart from flavour, the reason I love the Primal range so much is that it seems to be really easy going on coils. It might be the menthol element, but I find my coils don’t burn out as fast as I would expect them to with an e-liquid that’s inherently quite sweet.”

Sam - Absolute Classics - Hyperfreeze

Key notes: Menthol, Menthol, Menthol & More Menthol

“Hyperfreeze is cold. Hyperfreeze is VERY cold. Hyperfreeze is a minty, slightly sweet, slightly eucalyptusy, super mentholated flavour. I always keep one of my tanks full of this, and whenever I get a bit of vapers tongue or my other tanks aren’t tasting as good as I remember, I take a few blasts of Hyperfreeze as sort of a ‘palate cleanser’, and besides being delicious and satisfying all on it’s own right, it seems to totally reset my tastebuds, and everything else tastes even brighter and more flavourful than before. I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

*All 3 for XXX offers are VPZ exclusive in-store deals and are not available on our website.