Discover HEETS

IQOS uses HEETS tobacco sticks to provide the taste and satisfaction of real tobacco. Offered in 5 variants, HEETS tobacco sticks are available across the UK.

About Heets

What are HEETS?

HEETS are specially designed sticks intended for exclusive use with IQOS heat not burn technology to release flavour. HEETS are readily available to purchase at various locations across the UK or online.

• 5 variants available from classic to fresh tobacco blend
• Each pack contains 20 tobacco sticks at £4.99 per pack
• Each session lasts about 6 minutes or 14 puffs per tobacco stick, depending on the way you puff which is similar to that of a cigarette


What is inside HEETs?

Ultra compact and precisely engineered HEETs design is all about delivering a consistent tobacco experience. The tobacco is specially prepared and compressed so just the right amount touches the heating blade inside the IQOS holder. The vapour released then passes through a cooling plug made of corn-based materials which cool down the vapour making the temperature just right.  


Find your Flavour


Sienna Selection is made with an intense and full bodied blend.


Amber Selection is made with a rounded and rich tobacco blend.


Yellow Selection is made with a smooth and finely balanced tobacco blend.


Turquoise Selection has a smooth menthol flavour, giving a refreshing sensation.


Blue Selection has a deep menthol flavour, giving an intense cooling sensation.