Are you using e-liquid with the right strength of nicotine?

We sell over 350 flavours of e-liquid at VPZ, coming in a variety of nicotine strengths. From 20mg (or 2.0%) down to 0mg (nicotine-free). When a customer comes in for e-liquid, not only do we need to check what flavour they would like, but also what nicotine strength they need.

When the Inverness branch of VPZ opened. We had lots of new customers coming in to try our e-liquids and see what we had to offer. Many of these were already using e-cigarettes, buying e-liquids from other stores or online.

I was amazed and also a little distraught to find that many of our customers on that day, and still to this day, were using a very high nicotine level e-liquid despite their previous smoking habits being light to medium. What this means is that a customer who only smoked 10 cigarettes a day, will be using the nicotine level better suited to a 40-a-day smoker.

Using the wrong nicotine strength in your e-liquid can lead to a nicotine overdose which can cause nausea, headaches, insomnia, vivid dreams, fast pulse and many other side effects. Alternatively, using a nicotine strength that’s too low might have you still craving those cigarettes.

On occasion, we have a customer that knows the nicotine strength of their liquid is too high, but wants it anyway because the higher the nicotine level, the stronger the throat hit becomes. In these instances, we help the customer pick a kit that delivers a more powerful vapour and so a more powerful throat hit, without the need to increase the nicotine.

So how does an e-cigarette user know what’s the right strength for them?

Below is a general guide that can help you work out the correct nicotine strength required. Due to Tobacco Products Directive (known as TPD for short) that came into effect on 20th of May 2017. The maximum strength of nicotine in an e-liquid sold in the UK is now limited to 20mg/ml (or 2.0%).

Up to 5 cigarettes a dayUp to 10 cigarettes a dayUp to 20 cigarettes a dayUp to 30 cigarettes a dayUp to 40 cigarettes a day

E-liquid nicotine strength:

3mg/ml or 0.3% (Very low)
6mg/ml or 0.6% (Low)
12mg/ml or 1.2% (Medium)
18mg/ml or 1.8% (High)
20mg/ml or 2.0% (Very high)


It’s a confusing world out there, with e-liquids labelled high, low, 3mg, 18mg and other variations. So it’s important, I feel, to make sure that when you make the switch that you go to a specialist store for advice.

At VPZ, we always ask about a customer’s smoking habits. How many do they smoke a day? What brand of cigarette do they smoke? This helps us work out what the correct strength will be. For a current e-cigarette user, we ask what strength they are using and also what their previous habits are.

We pride ourselves on really getting to know our customers. So we can help them move away from cigarettes. Seeing customers using the right strengths with the right kits, and returning for e-liquid top-ups, is another part of what makes working for VPZ such a pleasure.

If you have any other questions or concerns about e-cigarettes. Be sure to check out our extensive FAQ section or send an e-mail to our support team at