shortfill menthol eliquid vpz

Over years Russia been developing secret projects the west not been happy with.  They try to get hands on top secret files and threaten us. We keep secret recipe until now. Kold war is secret project to be unleashed on world.

We enlist help of special unit to deploy this. We look at 3 of most famous soldiers who gave all and see how they handle project Kold.

Come with me Komrade, we have no time to lose.

Komrade - Komrade Bogdan not liking much cold. Keep spare handwarmer in jacket all times. Bogdan like creamy sweet with only hint of minty cool.

General, All Units deployed, completed mission.

General - General Dimitry can handle cold. Spent whole winter in log cabin with only one blanket. Not much complain. Dimitry like medium cool menthol. Not much strong.  

Major, enemy has been spotted! Prikrojte menja!

Major - Major Vladislav was born in cold. Raised by cold. He is wear shorts in Siberian tundra. He like freezing peppermint icicle breathe directly in lung.

How would you be handle project Kold?

No cold brain like real ice