It’s time to take over! 

Arc are back with another VPZ takeover and this time they have a special treat for you!!

When you purchase any 50ml Shortfill from either Burst, Burst Duo, Burst Blizzard, Slammin’, or Lips ‘n’ Drips, you will receive a nicotine shot free of charge! Let’s have a look at the lines that Arc have to offer.

Bursting onto the scene we have the aptly named….Burst! This range offers candy style e-liquids that are inspired by certain childhood sweets. We aren’t naming names, but we’re sure you can guess ;)

Berry-Burst - Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry.  Burst have blended all the berries and added a candy twist for a sweet, fruity explosion like no other.  


Citrus-Burst - Chewy citrus sweets filled with sherbet goodness, this one is sure to take you back to your youth. 


Mango-Burst - Sweet ripe mangoes have been burst open and transformed into and e-liquid for you to enjoy all day long!


Melon-Burst - Mmmmm Melon.  This liquid will have you bursting with joy as it is the sweetest and ripest melon e-liquid around! 


Sher-burst - This isn’t just any sherbet e-liquid, this is sherbert bursting with a twist! Fruity sherbet mixed up with ice cream, a real treat for the tastebuds! 


Straw-Burst - Sweet, Succulent and ripe strawberries with a dash of candy to burst out of the norm, this is one unique liquid you won’t want to miss! 

If you are looking for a cool kick then these are also available with ice in the Burst Blizzard range! Mmmmm cool. 

It’s time to mix it up! Each flavour from Burst Duo blends two single fruits to bring you something really special and breaks the standard of fruits in the shortfill E-liquid market.

Apple & Watermelon
Guava & Dragonfruit
Kiwi & Strawberry
Peach & Raspberry

Slammin’ onto VPZ’s shelves comes a simple but delicious line from Arc, Slammin’.  These flavours may seem simple on the surface due to them being single fruit flavours, but they are far more than just that.  You’ll need to try it to believe it.


Blue - mmm blue is the best way to describe this liquid from slammin’.  Straight up blue raspberry with no messing about. You won’t be left feeling blue after vaping this though.


Green- Imagine fresh green apples juiced up and turned into and e-liquid for you to enjoy, this is exactly what Green from Slammin’ tastes like. All your friends will be green with envy until they get their hands on it. 


Peach - It’s all peachy with this liquid from Slammin’.  A perfect peach for puffin’ on all day.


Red - When we think of red we think of strawberries and that’s exactly what Slammin’ thought too.  Red by Slammin’ is a no fuss strawberry liquid that does exactly what it says on the bottle.  


Pink - What’s green on the outside and pink in the middle? Watermelons! Pink from Slammin’ brings you a freshly sliced, sweet watermelon for you to enjoy all day!



Another truly unique range from Arc, Lips ‘n’ Drips!  A range that caters to almost any vaper as it ranges from fruity to candy and bakery!


Tropical Kisses - A blend of citrus and tropical fruits that will have you dreaming about sitting on your own private island being kissed by the tropical sun. 


Dreamy Kisses - Are you dreaming of an e-liquid perfect for those warm summer days? Well now your dream is a reality with this orange creamsicle flavour from Lips ‘n’ Drips!  


Cupcake Kisses - Cupcakes that have been kissed by strawberry and vanilla to bring you this light, sweet treat.  


Gummy Kisses - If you like candy then you’ll like this one! Gummy bear goodness comes to you in the form of Gummy Kisses from Lips ‘n’ Drips. All the gummy, fruity goodness you can imagine! 

Now we’ve had a look at all of the lines from Arc, why not head to your friendly neighbourhood VPZ today and try them for yourself?  Remember, you will receive a free nicotine shot for every 50ml shortfill purchased in-store! Woohoo :)