Vaping FAQ

Are you or someone you know looking to make the switch to vaping but are unsure of where to start? We know that it can be daunting at first, it's a HUGE step we have all been through at VPZ. What device do you choose? What e-liquids and nicotine strength? What are coils? How long does it last? These are all questions we have all asked too! This is why we always recommend taking the first step by speaking to your local VPZ store for expert advice on getting started and to really tailor a kit to your needs for the best possible experience.

So… as a first time vaper, what devices would be suitable?

We would always recommend taking a look at our e-cigarette starter kits, these have been designed with new vapers in mind. Devices like the Innokin T18-E II kit are incredibly easy to use, there are no additional power settings to fiddle with all you need to do is charge up the device, fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid and vape away until it is time to replace your coil, which is the only maintenance required roughly once a week! Of course, you are not confined to just this device. We have a large selection of kits which are suitable, some of which use refillable pods like the AEQ Pod Kit, making vaping even easier with it’s click and go system!

What e-liquid strength should I be using?

As a new vaper we would recommend using 12mg or 18mg in strength to ensure that this keeps the cravings at bay. We often see new vapers eager to start on the lowest nicotine strengths when they visit our specialist stores, however 3mg and 6mg strengths are not advised when you are starting out as the lower nicotine strengths tend to not be suitable for your vaping needs, these strengths are to be utilized as a step down to becoming nicotine free gradually over time. The goal isn’t to go cold turkey but to ease your body through a process of realisation that it doesn’t need nicotine! 

What e-liquids are best suited for my starter kit?

Most beginner vape kits are MTL (mouth to lung) which mimics the sensation of a traditional cigarette. They require e-liquids containing a high PG content, we would recommend using our VO, UK and V Premium vape e-liquids depending on which type of coil is installed in your vape tank. A good rule of thumb to help you remember which type of e-liquid you can use is to look at the text written on your coil. Upon inspection, you will see an ohms rating which looks like 0.5Ω or 1.2Ω, if your coil is rated 1.0Ω or more, you will need to use an e-liquid with a high PG base, if your coil is less than 1.0Ω you will need to use a thicker VG based e-liquid. Find out more about e-liquids here.

What are coils and why do I need to replace them?

Coils are the only real piece of your vaping kit that will need to be maintained (with the obvious exceptions of charging your device and filling your tank with e-liquid!). The coil is the heating element which can be found inside your tank, this is small, silver in colour and can be easily accessed by unscrewing the base of your tank once it is empty. Coils have a lifespan of between 2 and 14 days, this is a rather large scale as certain e-liquids affect the lifespan. We find that very sweet flavours reduce the lifespan as they caramelize on the coil which may change the taste, smell and colour of the e-liquid within your tank. On the other hand we find that menthol e-liquids tend to be quite gentle on coils and the majority can easily be used for the full lifespan of a coil! It is important to stick to the guidelines and note any changes as this can be an indicator that it is time to replace it. If your vape is starting to taste burnt and leaking or you have noticed the distinct discolouration of your e-liquid this usually means it has overrun its lifespan and it’s due a fresh, new, fluffy coil!

How long will my new vape kit last?

All batteries are considered consumable items and have a limited lifespan dependent on usage.

Batteries have a lifespan of approximately 150-200 charge cycles or 3 months when used daily, however we have seen people use the same device for up to a year. Batteries will become less e­ffective over time and eventually they will need to be replaced. Your tank on the other hand can be used for the foreseeable future provided it is well looked after!


What’s the difference between shopping in store vs online if the products are the same?

As a first time vaper, we always recommend popping in store for a quick consultation on which kit and e-liquids are best suited for your needs and current smoking habits. Whilst online is incredibly handy, walking through the setting up process and different styles of devices can be difficult!