Director's Cut

Darkness falls across the lab. The midnight hour is close at hand.  Mixers crawl in search of blood. To terrorize y'all's taste Buds. And whosoever shall be found.  Without the soul for getting down. Must stand and face the 5 shortfills of hell. And vape inside a corpse's shell.  The strangest smells are in the air. The work of 5 grueling years.  And grizzly flavours from every tomb.  Are closing in to seal your doom. And though you fight to stay alive.  Your body starts to Jut. For no mere mortal can resist. The evil of Director’s Cut….


Nancy’s New Nightmare - When Nancy finally rid her town of dreams of Freddy, she thought the nightmare was over. She thought wrong.  A new nightmare has come to VPZ in the form of a devilishly delicious waffle, pecan, hazelnut and caramel. This liquid is anything but a Nightmare but will keep you awake while you are trying not to vape it. 1, 2, your vape is calling you!

The Lost One - Vape this Michael, Become one of us. They say that when one tastes blood, one develops a taste for it. When you vape this Blue raspberry candy liquid it will leave you wanting more and more until you are bleeding your local VPZ store dry. Side effects may include intense cravings and sleeping upside down.

Damien, Doll Of The Malevolent -, ‘Look at me Damien, it’s all for you!’ Holly cried out as she had just discovered the delicious Melon, Pear, Bubblegum creation from Director’s cut.  This is the spawn of something evil and some say if you vape it too much, it can drive you insane.

My Undead Girlfriend - “Be on guard of any loved ones who may have recently been in any sort of contact, they could be infected and if you find yourself out in a threatening position, please do not hesitate to act”,  the radio broadcast said, he looked around and saw her, she was one of them. Undead. He knew he must find the cure, a deliciously balanced Pineapple, Apple and Strawberry candy liquid that would not only save her but also, the World.

 The Devil Inside - ‘What an excellent day for an exorcism’ said Regan as the smell of Watermelon Berry and Apple filled the room, just the scent alone was enough to exorcise the demon out due to it being irresistible to any being, mortal or supernatural.  When the demon tasted it, he was banished forever to the place from which he came, Shortly after, this flavour was crafted into an e-liquid to prevent the demon from returning and trying to claim another soul. Some say it was the devil inside Regan but we will never know for certain what happened that night.