New and Exclusive to VPZ, Dr Fog Select!

Are you ready for a brand new VPZ EXCLUSIVE!? Hold on to your hats as these liquids from Dr Fog will blow you away.  Six flavours have come together to form a selection of Dr Fog’s favourite e-liquids. Let’s have a look at the bangers they have in store for us.

First up we have Big Foot, remember those mini doughnuts from the fayre laced with sugar and a dusting of cinnamon?  Well, now you only need to go as far as your local VPZ store to enjoy this classic treat, no more waiting in line for gooey, sweet, warm delights.

Atlantis is one for the fruit lovers.  Take some pineapple, blend it with blueberry and top it off with some guava for a tropical vape that will tantalize the taste buds and transport you to an underwater paradise.

Look to the stars with Polaris as this flavour is out of this world! Imagine luscious raspberry ice cream that has been deep fried to perfection.  It is no longer a dream and is a giant leap for VPZ kind.

Katana is a deadly e-liquid that will knock you off your feet. Sweet and refreshing frosted mango on the surface with a punch.  Once you have had your first vape of this you will want to FINISH IT!

Alpha 2.0 is one that will really stand out on top. Refreshing watermelon laced with tropical sherbet and a cool kick of menthol.  This will be sure to dominate your vape.

It’s time to get heavy! Heavy-metal brings perfectly ripened honeydew, heavy cream, cucumber and a hint of lime.  A motley crew of flavours that seem like true chaos but just like your favourite riff, is pretty tasty. This will keep you headbanging for days and was also the first place winner in Vaporound’s sweet and candy category.

So there we have it, 6 Select favourites from Dr Fog and we think it’s a pretty damn tasty mix of flavours that everyone will enjoy.

These could be anywhere in the World but remember, they are EXCLUSIVE TO VPZ so head to one of our stores or online to find out what one you’ll be jamming with all day.