What flavour e-liquids are available?

What flavour e-liquids are available? 

We’re glad you asked as there are over 500 different e-liquids for you to choose from! We have taken a selection of our best sellers and all time classic e-liquids for you to take a look at and we are convinced we have some of the best UK e-liquids available 

Menthol and Mint E-liquids

VO - XXX Menthol: XXX Menthol from our V Originals range is another incredibly strong menthol based e-liquid which is well suited for vape starter kits, this e-liquid is an absolute classic and has become one of our most popular menthol e-liquids ever!

USA - Blueberry Ice: Blueberry Ice e-liquid is fantastic for vape starter kits, it’s high PG content works perfectly with Pod Kits and pen style vape devices such as the Innokin T20S. The e-liquid itself provides a fruity burst of fresh blueberry topped off with an icy sensation of cooling menthol.

Absolute Classics - Hyperfreeze: If you are looking for a brain freezingly cold menthol e-liquid for your vape device, Hyperfreeze is definitely the shortfill e-liquid for you! It is an extremely refreshing blend of menthol, sweet mint and a blast of ice. 

Naked - Very Cool: This shortfill e-liquid is great for those that love a cool mix of menthol and summer berries, Very Cool takes blueberry, blackberry and raspberry and blends it into a beautiful icy high VG e-liquid perfect for sub-ohm vape kits.

Riot S:ALT - Pure Minted: Pure Minted from Riot S:ALT provides a cool peppermint vape without it being too sweet, this 50vg/50pg salt nic blend is one of the smoothest mint based e-liquids available and is fantastic in almost any vape - we would highly recommend using this in Pod vape devices. 

Sweet E-liquids

USA - Juicy Fruity: It’s juicy and it's fruity and it's also available in high PG or high VG blends, yep this fruit gum flavoured e-liquid is that good we have made sure it is available to be used in any device!

UK - Sherbet Lemon: This 10ml e-liquid takes the classic Sherbet Lemon candy to the next level! It’s sweet, it's zingy and we can’t get enough of it. The great thing about this e-liquid from our UK range is that it is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg so that just about everyone can enjoy it! 

Bad Drip - Don’t Care Bear: This 50ml shortfill e-liquid by Bad Drip  is a delightful blend of candied peach, pear and melon topped with gummy bears. Ideal for those that have a sweet tooth! One of our favourite sweet e-liquids, it is also available with a cool ice edge, you can check this out here.

Burst - Strawburst: Needless to say you can probably guess exactly which candy this tastes like and you would be 100% correct. Strawburst from the Burst range absolutely nails it on the head with this classic strawberry chewy sweet flavoured e-liquid, to be honest the full Burst shortfill  range is fantastic!

Clown Salts - Laffy: Laffy is a grape flavoured taffy tasting e-liquid, and one that we certainly can’t get enough of. This 50VG/50PG salt nic based e-liquid is perfect for pod vape kits and is incredibly smooth and flavourful! 

Bakery E-liquids

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Sister Brands - Campfire: S’mores in a bottle, for those of you who have sadly never tried S’mores … you are missing out but this e-liquid definitely captures the flavour perfectly. Campfire features the taste of toasted marshmallow, chocolate and buttery graham cracker. 

100 Large - Donut Worry: Big in flavour and big in size Donut Worry features the taste of freshly baked donut with a sweet strawberry filling topped off with creamy vanilla custard. The ultimate donut flavoured e-liquid. As an added bonus this 100ml shortfill also comes with two nic shots which are provided in the box!

Element - Key Lime Cookie: If you are looking for a sweet and delicious baked cookie flavour, look no further Key Lime Cookie provides both a sweet buttery cookie and zesty lime which will keep you coming back for more, this flavour is available as a nicotine salt e-liquid in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

OG Classics - Butter Apple: Butter Apple by OG Classics brings you the ultimate crumbly apple pie flavoured shortfill e-liquid. We would recommend using this shortfill e-liquid in a subohm DTL tank to make the most of this incredible flavour.

Wonutz - Cinnamon Swirl Glazed: The Wonutz range takes traditional doughnut flavours and creates amazing bakery e-liquids from them, Cinnamon Swirl Glazed shortfill e-liquid features a cinnamon buttercream and vanilla custard centred doughnut. Waffled then Deep Fried with a warm sugar glaze. Check out the full range here.

Fruit E-liquids

VO - Banana: This is an absolute must have for all vapers using starter kits, VO Banana is absolutely divine, we find that it is more natural tasting unlike many banana flavours currently on the market and that is exactly why we love it! Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

USA - Strawberry Kiwi: Strawberry Kiwi from our USA 10ml e-liquid range provides a simple and pleasant fruity vape, available in both high PG and high VG blends also available in several different nicotine strengths, it is a great starting point for someone looking to dabble in fruit based e-liquids!

Absolute Classics - Luke Skyvaper: Luke Skyvaper from Absolute Classics remains one of our best sellers to date and it’s not hard to imagine why, featuring ripe berries and a slight sweet edge that is just enough to really make the flavour pop, this makes a perfect summer vape!

Clueless - Slurrnado: Slurrnado by Clueless is a tropical whirlwind of peach, papaya and guava all combined in a 50ml shortfill bottle.The Clueless range provides over 10 different fruity flavours and they are great value for money at only £11.99 each.

Burst Duo - Peach & Raspberry: Juicy peach and ripe raspberry, what's not to love about Burst Duo Peach & Raspberry shortfill? Burst are known for making bold flavours and this one in particular has certainly caught our eye. Check out the full Burst Duo range here they have a great variety of fruit flavours available!

Tobacco E-liquids

VO - Rolling Tobacco: Rolling Tobacco from our VO range is exactly as you guessed - a traditional rolling tobacco flavoured e-liquid, this is an incredibly mild flavour and we have found it perfect for those that are new to vaping as it is perfect combined with our e-cigarette starter kits.

VO - Silver Tobacco: Looking for a light tobacco flavoured e-liquid? Silver Tobacco from our VO range might be the perfect e-liquid for you. Available in a large variety of strengths and best suited to vape starter kits.

Absolute Classics - Tobacco: Balanced and authentic, Tobacco shortfill e-liquid by Absolute Classics is perfect for those looking for a reliable tobacco flavoured e-liquid with no additional sweetness. This shortfill is a 50%VG/50%PG blend making it perfect for most devices.

Nasty Tobacco - Bronze Blend: If you like your tobacco flavoured e-liquids a little bit sweeter, Bronze Blend from the Nasty Tobacco range may be the one for you. This tobacco shortfill also features the smooth and sweet taste of caramel.

Riot S:ALT - Sweet Leaf: Another fantastic salt nic based e-liquid from Riot Squad, Riot S:ALT Sweet Leaf provides a phenomenal tobacco flavoured e-liquid topped with the subtle sweetness of vanilla, an incredibly smooth vape.

Pssst! Don’t forget to pick up some nic shots for your shortfill e-liquids! We have Ice, Salt and Standard nic shots available from only £1.99!